White Wool


Kind Content
Description White Wool
Type Blocks
Collecting Tool Shears
Production Tool Crafting Table
Production Breed colored Sheep

When a white Sheep is killed it drops White Wool. With Shears you can harvest wool without killing.

You can also craft White Wool from String.

White Wool can be colored in various colors with dyes


Result Materials
White Woolx1 Stringx4
White Woolx1 White Woolx1,Bone Mealx1

Materials that can be crafted

White Carpet, White Wool, Light Gray Wool, Gray Wool, Black Wool, Brown Wool, Red Wool, Orange Wool, Yellow Wool, Lime Wool, Green Wool, Cyan Wool, Light Blue Wool, Blue Wool, Purple Wool, Magenta Wool, Pink Wool,