Firework Star


Kind Content
Description Firework Rocket
Type Materials
Production Tool Crafting Table

Material to mix Firework Rocket as a material to make fireworks.

Fireworks of various colors and shapes can be made depending on the material.


Result Materials
Firework Starx1 Gunpowderx1,Dyesx1,DiamondxArbitrarily,Glowstone DustxArbitrarily,Fire ChargexArbitrarily,Gold NuggetxArbitrarily,FeatherxArbitrarily

Effect of fireworks

Effect Material
Bone Meal White
Ink Sac Black
Lapis Lazuli Blue
Cocoa Beans Brown
Rose Red Red
Magenta Dye Magenta
Light Gray Dye Light Gray
Dandelion Yellow Yellow
Orange Dye Orange
Pink Dye Pink
Light Blue Dye Light Blue
Purple Dye Purple
Cyan Dye Cyan
Gray Dye Gray
Cactus Green Green
Lime Dye Lime
Diamond Trail
Glowstone Dust Twinkle
Fire Charge Large Ball
Gold Nugget Star-Shaped
Feather Burst

Materials that can be crafted

Firework Rocket