Enchanted Book


Kind Content
Description Enchanted Book
Type Tools
Production Tool Enchantment Table

A book that can add special abilities to weapons, armor, Fishing Rod etc using an Anvil.

Consume the experience value and the Lapis Lazuli at the Enchantment Table and make this book.

The contents of the special abilities of the books that can be created are randomly determined.

It is also available in trade with the Villager.


Result Materials
Enchanted Bookx1 Bookx1,Lapis Lazulix1-3,experience points 1-30

Type of Special effects

Effect Level Description
Protection I - IV Reduces most damage
Fire Protection I - IV Reduces fire damage
Feather Falling I - IV Reduces fall damage
Blast Protection I - IV Reduces explosion damage
Projectile Protection I - IV Reduces projectile damage
Throns I - III Damages attackers
Respiration I - III Extends underwater breathing time
Depth Strider I - III Increases underwater movement speed
Aqua Affinity I Increases underwater mining rate
Sharpness I - V Increases damage
Smite I - V Increases damage to undead
Bane of Arthropods I - V Increases damage to arthropods
Knockback I - II Increases knockback
Fire Aspect I - II Sets target on fire
Looting I - III Increases mob loot
Efficiency I - V Increases mining speed
Silk Touch I Mined blocks drop themselves
Unbreaking I - III Increases effective durability
Fortune I - III Increases block drops
Power I - V Increases arrow damage
Punch I - II Increases arrow knockback
Flame I Arrows set target on fire
Infinity I Shooting consumes no arrows
Luck of the Sea I - III Increases fishing luck
Lure I - III Increases fishing rate
Frost Walker I - II Walk on water
Mending I Repair with experience