Brewing Stand


Kind Content
Description Brewing Stand
Type Tools
Production Tool Crafting Table


Result Materials
Brewing Standx1 Blaze Rodx1,Cobblestonex3


Name Effects
Mundane Potion No Effects
Long Mundane Potion No Effects
Thick Potion No Effects
Awlward Potion No Effects(The base for all potions)
Potion of Night Vision Night Vision
Potion of Invisibility Invisibility
Potion of Leaping Jump Boost
Potion of Fire Resistance Fire Resistance
Potion of Swiftness Speed
Potion of Slowness Slowness
Potion of Water Breathing Water Breathing
Potion of Healing Instant Health
Potion of Harming Instant Damage
Potion of Poison Poison
Potion of Regeneration Regeneration
Potion of Strength Strength
Potion of Weakness Weakness
Splash Potion It can be thrown
Lingering Potion It can be thrown to leave areas with status effects